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Lovely brown hair, chocolate brown eyes, cream colored skin and a very charming accent. This is how I describe my girlfriend. And only God knows how much I love her. I long to do nothing more than to hold her close into my arms, kissing her and telling her daily how much I adore her. My only desire is to have her at my side, telling her how much she means to me.

I talk to her daily, until one of us must depart. And the same pattern repeats the next day we see each other. One day after another. A beautifully blissful cycle through my eyes. I do what I can to see her beautiful smile. My happiness lies in hers after all. She understands how I feel. The problems that I have. And this makes me happy. It never falters.

I long to hear her voice every day. Just hearing her happy tone makes me smile. In the beginning, I was fearful of how things between us would go, but as the days grew on, and the weeks passed, my adoration for her only grew stronger.

She is not human. Not through my eyes. She is a goddess. A beauty that has graced my presence. And I only wish to see her. I hope that she understands what I say.
My Girlfriend (Short)

I wrote for a very special, very important to me; My girlfriend. I will only say that for now.
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Sometimes I wonder why I spoke to those people who talk to me for a few days and after 12 days they leave, I can be very naive.

I beg but the end is always the same, they go without reason. I feel very angry, I feel so stupid. I'm so naive. And yet, no one answers me with a mere excuse. I just wonder why.

I miss a lot of people. Thanks god I found someone that will stay with me at least 5 years and a wonderful girl.
It's-A-Shirt. by TheThousandStories
My older brother got this shirt for me, he knows I'm a big fan of Mario Bros and Nintendo's games. Hehe

So, tell me. What you got?
My grandfather, 18 until 92. by TheThousandStories
My grandfather, 18 until 92.
Pics of my grandfather when he was younger until being older. Rest in peace, grumpy sir. 


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▬ 18 | Christian | Heterosexual | ID by MissBillyF. ▬

Welcome to my profile, you can talk to me and read my stories.

I like video games, science fiction books, writing stories (I want to be a writer someday), I'm straight but ironically without a girlfriend, I don't have friends either, I like TV shows (like Doctor Who), music, fashion (don't think bad) and talk.

Costa Rica Stamp by phantom

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