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Genre: Dying Earth.
Earth, 4001 A.D.

“We don't have much time left," The tall man dressed in a navy-blue suit and an odd helmet commented as he looked into a computer screen. He was full of fear and filled with apprehension. The somber visions going through his mind were clear and definite. In front of him a panel opened, slowly he reached for the pale blue object mysteriously illuminated by faint light. Softly he sighed softly and stepped into a chamber, the door closed behind him.
     "We have no news..." The lonely man in the chamber said.
     "Are you sure?" The tall man replied, “Nothing, as you know.”
     While these men were safe, outside a strange storm raged. This one was different and full of mystery. Purple tints radiated in places that were originally grey. The thunder rumbled with a thousand forces. Even the humans that operated at the top of a tower were at a loss. Although they have viewed storms many times before, this was unheard of even on this desolate and contaminated Earth.  
     "If there is not more to do, then come back." The tall man said to the other as he stared off in the distance.
     From his vantage point, he could see the tower off in the distance. How it could be, what this mast was made of, he thought as he stared toward the 27-foot monolith. So much had happened since the devastation. The land shrouded by darkness, with blue replacing green. The animals were gone, and eventually the human race could no longer survive the contamination; retreating toward the deepest caves in the area where they believe no one would ever find them.
     At that point, the man in the chamber rose and pulled out a lens from a pocket in his suit. With the strange Z-Shaped Device, he began to survey the tower, capturing radiation within the heart of the glass that held the lens in place. What he found was strange; the radiation had increased dramatically over the past days.
     “Maybe I should finally see if anyone is in there,” The chambered man said to the tall one, “it’s just time.”
     In this land, night never falls. Even on the most hectic days, the lack of nightlife allowed the disgusting smell of dead animal permeated over great distances. While the men had no problem with this, if fact, it was natural for them, as they developed immunity over thousands of years, the same cannot be said of this purple rain. This strange contaminated deluge burnt them on contact. This was a problem in this desolate land. Couple that with some strange gravitational issues and the men were in for something unexpected as they ventured into the wilderness.
     Even with that advanced technology, they can't help themselves. He jumped out into the blue sand. His movement amazed the tall man watching from the window, as he jumped in an incredible way with his white suit flowing behind him. His metallic boots left an amazing signature on the blue Earth; a strange fingerprint within the blue sand. The entire event was fascinating and the men felt like astronauts hopping along the surface of a new planet.
     Soon, the man from the chamber, Zhane’Ho, moved so fast he reached the tower before he even realized. Once there, he found a large door blocking his entrance. He couldn't remember this technology, he was even more amazed when it opened in a peculiar circular fashion. He peered inside and saw emptiness with only a shining, yet transparent elevator before him. Slowly, he moved toward the elevator wondering about what he was about to find.
     When he reached the top of the tower, he discovered that it was indeed still human operated, with the operators toiling away in years of obscurity. They never stopped. They continued to survey the planet from their perch. While many appeared normal, some wore curious blue glasses. He could tell that these watchers knew more than they would say, and wondered aloud, “Hello!”
     Little did he know, these humans were prohibited to talk with strange beings; they were limited to members of their own. Between them, they could talk about the simplest things; the things humanity always wanted. Still, their elders threatened to kill them if they talk of the darker and twisted secrets hidden in the simplest things. Sometimes, they could hear voices in a different, yet familiar language. These voices would tell secrets that humankind could not even imagine; secrets that only lie beyond the imagination. These voices were so powerful that at times, they could penetrate their dreams, giving the visions of atrocities that could not possibly be real; horrible images that could only mean an absolute surrender or end.
     Nothing. Silence. Zhane’Ho stood frozen. In his mind, he decided he would not speak. He would stand by and wait for contact. He could not do anything to anger the Higher Elders; especially not talk about the things in his mind. He could feel his anxiety build as he thought about what his punishment would be, he did not want to be slammed upon the ground, or burnt by the falling rain. In fact, none of these humans could know why he was here; no one could. He was given strict instruction as the spoke in his ear. The dark night would be the end; that was the thought, message, and fear, especially for The Oldest One.
     Soon, he managed to slide past the humans, and climb to the top of the tower. From this great height, he saw something amazing: giant gray eyes staring into his soul. These eyes were the most incredible things he has ever witnessed, and now are etched into his soul. He looked around at his surroundings, and could see through everything, the translucent surfaces containing the secrets of time. On the wall to his left, he found a small black button next to the grand window. What would he do? Silently, he felt for the button, his white gloves making it hard to feel the exterior. He pressed the button and waited. In a flash, something pierced his body. The pain was incredible, paralyzing him, and making his mind drift off into the nether. He was trapped; he could only manage to move his eyes and stare of into the sky. Was it ever blue, he wondered? At that point, he could not remember what color it was, or when it changed, or how long it had been. Yes, at that moment it could have been thousands of years.
     Now that the pain subsided, he realized he was no longer on Earth and no longer inside the tower. He was rapidly speeding through the sky about to break to grand rule, never interrupt. His presence was about to interrupt the elders, but he did not care. Deep inside, he could hear The Oldest speak, in a different, yet familiar language where the A is used at the beginning (or so he thought). That is when he realized that the Z-Shaped device he held dear was more than an eyepiece; it was a translator. “Aupürd Regésileus,” came out of his mouth. Those thoughts that spread fear by dreams of the most sensitive people, but somehow, they were urging the faithful to be launched for the liberation and restoration of their empire on earth.
     In a flash, he reached his destination. These floating empires full of long corridors, vast windows, and round propulsion systems fascinated him. These suspended cities were amazing innovations made by geniuses. Now, they were but shells of what they were, no one could access them, no one visited, at least that is what he thought before today.


     "What did we do wrong?" The tall woman asked the man standing beside her.
     He shrugged, as like everyone, he had no answer to that question. In fact, even The Oldest One had no clue to what had happened, and he was the wisest man in the land.
     "This isn't our fault," said a third person appearing from behind some rocks.
     No one knew he was down there, they all believed they were dreaming.
     “We really need a plan now," exclaimed the third golden-eyed man as he walked toward the couple.
     "What is that thing?" asked the woman, “Human?”
Could be a human, although his eyes differed from the normal humans' eyes. In previous centuries, The Higher Elders ignored the human form or any other living thing on Earth and this could be a mutation.
     The golden-eyed man put both arms on his back.
     "You know the rule," said the other man.
     The woman stood staring at the men, not liking his comments.
Short Story: Dysthopica's Agents. (I)
mmihalko13 / Mark edited this, and I have to say that was good.
In this story, I describe a world completely destroyed. And on top of a big tower, "humans" controls everything and if there's any changes. This is my vision of the earth in some years.  (Let's be honest, we are ruining this planet without reason)
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[08:43:01 p.m.] Onmi: who's this?
[08:43:01 p.m.] Alexander: TheThousandStories
[08:44:40 p.m.] Omi: gotcha
[08:44:50 p.m.] Alexander: Remember me?
[08:45:04 p.m.] Omi: not really, sorry
[08:45:09 p.m.] Omi: my memory sucks
[08:45:16 p.m.] Alexander: I saw.
[08:46:22 p.m.] Alexander: thethousandstories.deviantart.…
[08:46:48 p.m.] Omi: I remember your icon
[08:47:01 p.m.] Alexander: Which one?
[08:47:09 p.m.] Omi: the one you have now
[08:47:19 p.m.] Alexander: On skype?
[08:47:31 p.m.] Omi: no, on DA
[08:48:03 p.m.] Alexander: How are you?
[08:48:36 p.m.] Omi: hmm I'm okay
[08:49:07 p.m.] Alexander: I see.
[08:49:31 p.m.] Alexander: What's your name?
[08:49:47 p.m.] Omi: you can call me Odd
[08:50:02 p.m.] Alexander: Okay, odd.
[08:51:03 p.m.] Alexander: Tell me about you.
[08:51:22 p.m.] Odd: no, that's okay
[08:51:25 p.m.] Odd: I'm not keen on strangers
[08:51:42 p.m.] Alexander: Keen?
[08:52:30 p.m.] Odd: hmm ah
[08:52:39 p.m.] Alexander: I never heard that word.
[08:52:49 p.m.] Alexander: Just remember I'm latino.
[08:53:13 p.m.] Odd: it means enthusiastic
[08:53:24 p.m.] Odd: I'm not excited to meet new people
[08:54:00 p.m.] Alexander: Ah, I always wanted to know you better.
[08:54:04 p.m.] Odd: why?
[08:54:18 p.m.] Alexander: I thought you were a cool girl.
[08:56:08 p.m.] Odd: I appreciate that, but you don't know anything about me
[08:56:36 p.m.] Alexander: No, but your skype says you likes potatos.
[08:56:43 p.m.] Odd: true
[08:56:54 p.m.] Alexander: Well.
[08:57:11 p.m.] Alexander: A friend described me as sweet, senstive, kind and funny.
[08:57:27 p.m.] Alexander: That's what you needs to know about me.
[08:57:40 p.m.] Odd: and what you need to know about me
[08:57:56 p.m.] Odd: is that I've decided I'm not comfortable talking with you
[08:58:09 p.m.] Odd: I'm sure you're nice, but I'm not interested in you
[08:58:25 p.m.] Alexander: Why you're not comfortable?
[08:58:49 p.m.] Odd: because you're a stranger and I don't want to get to know you
[08:59:00 p.m.] Odd: sorry if that's harsh, but it's the truth
[08:59:13 p.m.] Alexander: I have you on my dA since 2013.
[08:59:43 p.m.] Odd: also from your page it says you have a girl already that you love
[08:59:53 p.m.] Alexander: What?
[09:00:06 p.m.] Alexander: When I said that I'm interesed in you?
[09:00:21 p.m.] Alexander: I just wanted to talk as friends.
[09:00:52 p.m.] Odd: its a long story, but I don't like to have males as friends
[09:00:58 p.m.] Odd: so I hope you understand
[09:01:11 p.m.] Odd: I am grateful that you're a faithful watcher of mine though
[09:01:13 p.m.] Alexander: I understand, you're not the first, really.
[09:01:25 p.m.] Odd: and I want to thank you for following my art all this time
[09:01:43 p.m.] Alexander: I understand.
[09:02:07 p.m.] Odd: I appreciate all my watchers, even if I never speak to them or become friends with them
[09:02:22 p.m.] Alexander: I understood.
[09:02:51 p.m.] Alexander: I'll buy cereal, brb. I wouldn't mind if you delete me. You're not the first.
[09:03:44 p.m.] Odd: you'll find other who will love to be even more of your friends, so don't give up
[09:03:56 p.m.] Alexander: I just see you as Friend.
[09:04:09 p.m.] Alexander: Brb.
[09:05:27 p.m.] Odd: like I said, I'm not comfortable with male friends
[09:06:00 p.m.] Odd: and I'm happy you understand that, and respect my wishes
[09:08:40 p.m.] Odd: so because of those reasons I will be blocking you on Skype
[09:09:15 p.m.] Odd: I'm sure you'll find other friends
[09:09:19 p.m.] Odd: I just won't be one of them
[09:09:57 p.m.] Alexander: I know what you're doing
[09:10:46 p.m.] Alexander: I understand; really.

I don't know what happens with the world. :l
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I'd like you if you visit her and added her, she's very friendly and an amazing person. Katie is very important to me and I want to help her on her new account.

She's everything for me now. I think I'll marry that silly girl, heheh.

RIP English.
Lovely brown hair, chocolate brown eyes, cream colored skin and a very charming accent. This is how I would  describe my girlfriend. And only God knows how much I love her. I long to do nothing more than to hold her close in my arms, kissing her and telling her daily how much I adore her. My only desire is to have her at my side, telling her how much she means to me.

I talk to her daily, until one of us has to leave and the same pattern repeats the next day we see each other. One day after another. A beautifully blissful cycle through my eyes. I do what I can to see her beautiful smile. My happiness lies in hers after all. Our happiness never falters.

I long to hear her voice every day. Just hearing her happy tone makes me smile. In the beginning, I was fearful of how things between us would go, but as the days grew on, and the weeks passed, my adoration for her only grew stronger.

She isn't human, not through my eyes. A beauty that has graced my presence. And I only wish to see her. I hope that she understands what I've said.
Short: My Girlfriend.

I wrote for a very special, very important to me; My girlfriend. I will only say that for now.
Edited by FireGoddess122 

Jim Parsons as The Riddler?
That would be so cool.
I don't feel comfortable bothering people.
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I don't want to start an argument here, just say a few things.

It is curious that the girls in my country are interested simply on appearances, they are only interested in "handsome guys". Those with blue eyes. I find it pathetic, really. At least they're not interested in tan guys.

They're interested in "people with style," nobody with a sensible attitude because they think is effeminate. And on my opinion I find pathetic and somewhat rude too. And in a funny way, my mother agrees that they're doing wrong.

I don't know what the hell is wrong in this world. Anyone wants to say something? 
(Sorry for my english.)

That moment when people visit your profile and you keep wondering why.

I bet they want my food. (?)


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